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Jackie Jackson is the eldest brother of Jackson Family and member of The Jacksons.

To speak about his career, his first N.1 single with Jackson 5 and the last on stage reunion with his brother Michael, Jackie Jackson gave an interview to

What got you interested in music?

What got me interested in music was listening to my mother and father sing around the house. My dad had a local band and we would watch them rehearse.

Do you remember your first audition for Motown with Jackson 5?

Our first audition was in Detroit at Berry Gordy’s mansion. He was giving a party for Diana Ross and all the big time Motown artists were there, we set up our instrumetns around the indoor swimming pool and at that time we were singing all the top Motown songs while the artists were looking right at us, and that wa our audition.

“I Want You Back” is the first national single by the Jackson 5. Do you want to tell us something about the moment you recorded this song with your brothers?

“I want you Back” was recorded in los Angeles, California. The minute the five of us put our voices on it, we knew it would be a hit around the world

jacksons can you feel it“Can you feel it” is a song that arouses enormous enthusiasm during your live performances. Do you remember how this song was born? What was the source of inspiration for writing this song?

After leaving a friend’s house and driving home, on top of Mulholland Drive, this whole melody just came to my mind, so I grabbed my tape recorder and I hummed as much as I could in the tape recorder untll I got home to the piano and then I knew I had something special, a triumphant sound.

In 2001, there was the last full Jackson 5 reunion, with your brother Michael, during his 35th-anniversary special at Madison Square Garden. Is there a special moment of that concert you want to tell to our readers?

We had two shows at MSG, and it was a star studded event. The day after the last show, was September 11th 2001, so of course I will never forget being in New York on that fatefull day of 9/11.

You are an active board member for the non-profit organization “Its Time For Kids” and provide hands on teaching to inner-city children about the creative process in the studio, after which they sing and record a song together. What is the most important lesson you learned from those experiences?

What I learned from those experiences is that it’s never too late to have a positive effect on a person’s life. Seeing those kids come into the recording studio for the first time, and seeing the smile on their faces was something I will never forget.

We were able to record a song with them either singing or rapping, and gave them a copy to take home to play for their family.

You recently celebrated 50 years of The Jacksons with a tour with your brothers. Is there a special moment of this tour that you want to tell to our readers? Is there a song that particularly excites you when you sing it with your brothers?

The medley “I want you Back”, “ABC”, “Stop the love you save” etc, the minute we start those songs people get up out of their seats and start dancing because that ‘s what they’ve come to hear.

You are the founder of music label “Critically Amused”. What are the sounds that are mainly catching your attention in recent times?

I’ve learned to appreciate electronic music more because I’ve signed an act called “Gold Lemonade” to my Critically Amused label.

Gold Lemonade combines rap and hip hop with electronic music creating their own unique style. Their first project just got awarded with best rap/hiphop album at the Independent Music Awards, and so did their single “How You Feel” with best rap/hiphop single.

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