EXCLUSIVE – Harry Waters: “The set at Pink Floyd Day will give the audience an idea of what they can hear on the album”

Waiting for the “Pink Floyd Day”, now in its seventh edition (details here), to be held in Trento on September 29th, the guest star of MentiSommerse, today, is Harry Waters.

On September 29th, you will be on stage at Pink Floyd Day in Trento, in a duo with Larry McNally. Do you want to give us some anticipation about your set?

We’re playing a short set from our new record, McNally Waters. It’ll give the audience an idea of what they can hear on the album. We’ll be joined by two members of the house band, the bass player and drummer.

Is there a special memory of your childhood, about the moment when you approached the music, that you want to tell us?

I remember hearing the Beach Boys for the first time and it blew my mind. It could have been “In My Room”, I don’t remember the exact song, but I realised that it was something special that I had to peruse.

In 2002 you took part as a keyboard player in the “In the flesh tour”. Is there a special moment of that tour you want to tell to our readers?

That was a long time ago ! It’s hard to remember. That was my first tour in that band and I remember it very fondly.

What are the records that have had a greater meaning in your life and why?

Blue in Green – arguably the greatest jazz record of all time.

Land of Dreams – This was the first Randy Newman record that I bought. I must’ve been about 12 years old, I played it constantly throughout the summer of 1989. I’ve been huge fan ever since.

From rock to fusion, up to the composition of music for video games: you are always an artist above each genre. What are the sounds that are catching your attention recently? And above all, is there a musical style in the future towards which you would like to move in the future?

I love Cornelius. They’re a Japanese pop/fusion band, absolutely incredible stuff.

As far as future work, I’d like to write more classical music, I find myself writing more and more for commercials and film work that I’m involved in. It’s incredibly satisfying to write for multiple orchestral instruments and hear them all come together once recorded.

Corrado Parlati
Maria Cristina Pezzella

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